“Mankind’s problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is world government.” (Jan Tinbergen)

In 2010, the Honours Class (HC) of the Erasmus Faculty of Economics will celebrate its 15th Anniversary. Throughout these years, it will have challenged ca. 300 students to acquire the mindset and tools to go the extra mile. It also further broadened its diversity by adopting the English language as a going language, and hence opening its doors to International students.

The above quote from Jan Tinbergen, the source of inspiration of our Faculty, reflects the importance both of having internationalized our HC, and of staying connected as each of us paves a path to success. It is our Faculty’s aim to form students that put their knowledge to the benefit of society and mankind. However, as Tinbergen realized, this aim has now become dependent on the extent towards which people in different parts of the world can co-operate. Hence, it is only by keeping united the ideas of our international HC, and communicating them toward each other, that we will be able to honour our Faculty’s aim. “United We Stand!”

As three recent HC students whom enjoyed learning in the stimulating environment that the HC has become, benefitted from the added value that the HC activities have brought to our understanding of economics, and believe in all the members this HC has welcomed; we wished to keep this community alive and continue to be the Honours of our faculty. Hence, the Honours Class Alumni Society was born!

The Society aims to serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, challenging each other’s ideas and simply enjoying good times together. As such, we aim to organize several activities that we have outlined in this proposal, such as the Honours Unions, the Year club Referenda, and the Honours Olympiads.

Please also check our LinkedIn group, ‘Bachelor Honours Class Alumni Society Rotterdam’, and spread the word to as many of your Honours Class contacts as possible such as make our database as complete as possible!

We look forward to implementing the pursuit of challenges and happiness that previous HC experiences have given to its members.

Joann de Zegher - President
Joyce van Luit - Vice-President
Wendy van Luit - Treasurer

For more information visit

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